NZ Okinawa-te Karate Organisation Instructors

Last Updated: 2nd September 2006

Keys: (ADV) Advanced / (NZR) New Zealand Registered / (AUS) Australia / (N.C.I.) National Chief Instructor / (2.I.C.) 2nd In Command / (OS) Over-See'r / (NZ) New Zealand / (*****) Name Supression

  • NZR Instructor: Sensei John Flavell
    NZ Head Instructor John Flavell
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Mary-Anne Howley ADV (Auckland) NZ 2.I.C.
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Mary L Patu
  • Sensei Mary l Patu ADV (Christchurch) NZ OS
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei John-David Patu (Christchurch) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei James W Patu (Christchurch) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Andrew Flavell ADV (Christchurch) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Mike Gordon
    Sensei Mike Gordon
    (Christchurch) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Chris Cameron (Christchurch) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Joshua Sua ADV (Brisbane) AUS
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Roydon Guilford ADV (Auckland) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Guy Baldwin (Auckland) NZ life member
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei John Richards (Auckland) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Garry Paul (Christchurch) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Roel Van Leeuwen ADV (North Island) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Alan Sharland ADV NZ (North Island)
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Tim Tyrell-Baxter ADV (Christchurch) NZ
  • NZR Instructor: Sensei Jason Scott (Christchurch) NZ

NZ Apprentice Instructors:

  • Sempai: Paul Kennelly (Christchurch) NZ
  • Sempai: Dale Kennelly (Christchurch) NZ
  • Sempai: Jason Moate (Christchurch) NZ
  • Sempai: Josh Tootell (Christchurch) NZ

It's important to know that if you are training in Okinawa-te Karate that your instructor is an authentic registered member of this organization. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about Okinawa-te Karate instructors. If their name is not on the list provided above it means..

a) We haven't completed our instructors listing and you should contact us to confirm that you are indeed being taught by an official/registered instructor/s!

b) They have gone out on their own and are teaching this organizations syllabus without our permission and as such are teaching you under false pretence!

It is compulsary for all Okinawa-te Karate Organization (members) students and instructors to wear our Logo (TM) Patch on their uniforms. If someone is not wearing this Logo (TM) Patch, it means..

a) They have not passed our first grading/exam
b) They are not a registered member of this organization

  • Okinawa te NZHQ
  • 233 Breezes Road
  • Aranui
  • Christchurch
  • New Zealand
  • Tel. +64 (0)3 981 1957
  • Streetmap


  • Tuseday 4pm -5pm Junior Beginners
  • Wednesday 4pm - 5pm Junior Colour belts
  • Thursday 4pm -5pm Junior Beginners


  • Tuesday 6pm - 7.30pm Adult Colour belts
  • Wednesday 6pm - 7pm ADV Class (Invite only)
  • Thursday 6pm - 7.30pm Adult Colour belts
  • Friday Open Training
  • Saturday 10am - 11am Adult Womans Beginners & Colour belts